Together in the gospel. for the gospel. to the glory of god

our Values

These values inspire our actions and keep us on course:

Caring for the Vulnerable

We live out this value by bringing God's justice to the world not only with mercy but in defense of and out of love for those who have been unjustly treated. Biblically the action to which we are called is justice, and our motivation for it comes from the loving kindness that God has shown us in Christ.


We live out this value through obedience to the command to be "salt and light" in the world. It is critical that we participate in sending church planters and missionaries around the world to start new works, but also that as a church we remember that each of us is sent to be God's presence in our daily activities.

Making Disciples

We live out this value by following the model of our Savior's love, calling people to Jesus because we love God and we are moved by His great love for us. Discipleship doesn't begin in the church building. We are the church, so discipleship begins everywhere we go as we engage others who do not know Christ and by digging deeper into gospel-centered relationships with those follow Christ.

Declaring the Word

We live out this value by following the example of Jesus' unshakeable commitment to His Father's Word. The power in our preaching and teaching comes from the truth that Jesus is the very Word of God. He saves, transforms, and equips souls for life in Him as we declare the Word.

Life Together

We live out this value by following the example of the Triune God, who has existed eternally in perfect unity, love, and joy. We were created to live in shalom (peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness) with God, so we follow the Trinity's example by gathering together in joyful fellowship. By pursuing life together we model our created purpose in relationships with God and others.